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Our aim at Rainbow’s End Therapies is to take you back into a space of balance and harmony.

For we feel once you have attained balance and harmony in all areas of your life, only then can you truly feel free to live a life you desire.

Reaching within to release out dated mind sets and limiting beliefs which hold so many of us back from truly feeling the joy of life.

This at times can be a painful journey, stepping out of your comfort zone to re-discover yourself is often the hardest step you may ever take. Though once you have started this process you will definitely find that the re-birth of the new found you far out ways the pain of life you have lived up till that point.


At Rainbow’s End Therapies we offer a range of treatments for relaxation purposes, allowing you to de-stress from the strains of everyday life, or relief from physical pain you may be suffering.

We also offer treatment plans, where you will be guided into a much  deeper level of healing and releasing of old out dated beliefs, bringing you back into a more balanced, harmonious way of life and so beginning to feel the joy of life.

The human touch brings feelings of warmth and being cared for. This greatly increases our sense of well being – Dr Chandra Patel – The complete Guide to Stress Management.-