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Reiki is a non intrusive healing therapy which helps on all levels of the body. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, which also promotes healing.


Stress & Anxiety Management Coaching

Stress & Anxiety management Coaching, looks at ways to help deal with the stresses of life. Looking into the triggers of the stress which causes the anxieties which hold us back, so that life can start to flow more freely .


Reflexology is a touch therapy using thumb, finger and hand techniques. Reflexologists believe that the feet mirror the body.

Thank you Dawn for a wonderful back massage and Reiki session! It was just amazing. I know that my reasons for not coming so often are due to financial reasons, but, if I have one per month, and split the cost into weekly amounts, it seems much more affordable. It is worth every penny. I didn’t want to get off the healing table! Dawn is excellent in all of the healing she can offer – massage, Reiki, reflexology, meditation…..she has a comfortable, welcoming room, and a selection of organite pyramids, and other related gifts. She can offer a full healing package too. She has helped me on my journey, and now I vow to have a monthly session. Treat yourself to this rejuvenation regularly – life is too short! ~ Sharon

Had some beautiful relaxing therapies and going back for more I was able to feel totally chilled and relaxed had a great feeling afterwards. I give credit where it is due Dawn and you are very talented in this field of work and you give 100% and more. Your Organites are amazing too many thanks and I look forward to my next treatment. ~ Faye

Merry Christmas lovely lady! thank you for everything you did for me. Feeling like I have more control over my life and creating positivity and opportunity. Enjoy your break and rest from the wonderful work that you do. ~ Sharon