Hi my name is Dawn Hall, and I’m a stress and anxiety management coach.

I know how life can be debilitating when we suffer with depression and anxiety, I know because I have been there on more than one occasion myself.

Our whole life becomes a struggle, from trying to deal with emotions and moods we feel, that we really don’t have any idea of or a real understanding of why they are happening.

We then start becoming withdrawn from ourselves, those around us and even from life itself.

We often find it hard to motivate ourselves to get up and go out and even just to do the simple things like having a shower and getting dressed. We then become trapped in this cycle of anxiety and stress.

So what I am offering you today is the chance to join me on my

'21 day From anxiety to freedom challenge'

which will be starting on the 1st of May.

Cost; £21

What is the 21 day From Anxiety to Freedom challenge about?

Well, over a period of 21 days I will be taking and supporting you through ways that you can help yourself to manage your stress and anxiety.

This will be done through face book live sessions, shared videos that I have recorded on Breathing & Relaxation Techniques, and meditations. I will also be giving you information worksheets, and activities for you to follow along with.

This will take place in a closed Facebook group so that the focus will be on those who are serious about helping themselves to move forward and learn to cope and deal with their stress.

21 day from anxiety to freedom
face your fears

Why the 21 days you may be asking?

Well it is understood that it takes up to three weeks or 21 days of repeating something to form a new habit.

What ever we focus our awareness on that is what we will create!!

So if you are continually thinking and worrying in a negative way, then you have formed a habit of negative thinking, likewise, if you start to think in a more positive and grateful way you will create a habit of positive thinking, and positive gratitude.

So if you would like to start taking back control of your life, and learn some new tips and techniques on how to manage your stress and anxiety, I may be that ‘magic pill’ you’ve been looking for.

Just click on the link and join me on May 1st.

'Remember you can’t make a change till you take a chance!'



Well done Dawn too, give yourself a pat on the back as well for being an excellent course facilitator. Still catching up on the last 2-3 days worth and have enjoyed the content and exercises immensely. Understood the ability to change feelings/thoughts for a positive turnaround, reflecting even better health on all levels. Thank you for your video pioneering with your empathy to see and teach us all the way through this group......been an absolutely joy and pleasure to participate. Thank you again - Charlie


Thank you, so much Dawn for all the time and effort you put into creating this course for us. I didn't make every session but will catch up when I get chance. I thought the content & info was great and you put it across very well. It's been a great reminder to me to do the beneficial relaxation and breathing exercises that I used to do regularly for years, but lapsed! Plus I learnt new things. Great stuff, many thanks. Xx lynn


"Hi Dawn, really poignant session this evening thank you. Have been worrying &-stressing about something all weekend & today. Have just realised that it's no big deal & I need to take care of myself. Dr signed me off for 2 weeks on recommendations of chiropractor. Feeling guilty as I look ok but in a lot of pain & discomfort from a flare-up of my condition. Just put it all in perspective for me during your session I replayed. Thank you for sharing you wisdom.

Thank you Dawn, I've caught up with your relaxing videos last night. You really know your stuff and you put it across so well. Thanks for all the time you are putting into giving us this course! much appreciated x


Thank you Dawn for sharing your wisdom. I have missed loads since day 4 or 5 due to family staying, then being away. Will catch up soon. Was glad to get home tonight in time to watch your live video. Many thanks for all the time you've put into creating this course for us xxx lynne


Thank you for all I’ve learnt so far xx Catherine


Dawn thank you my lovely. It is a great programme - well done x

Dawn it was so helpful and a great reminder of the importance of self care. A truly professional and well presented course. Please use my words as a testimonial. X ruth


Thank you Dawn, I've caught up with your relaxing videos last night. You really know your stuff and you put it across so well. Thanks for all the time you are putting into doing this  course! much appreciated x


Dawn thank you my lovely. It is a great programme - well done x


Thank you Dawn. This group was awesome You have shared some fantastic tips.x


Thank you Dawn. This group was awesome