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The Brow Chakra

The brow Chakra or Third eye as it is also known is said to be linked with the Pituitary Gland, which is also known as the master gland of the endocrine system, and closely related to the Hypothalamus.

This is the part of the brain which controls the autonomic nervous system, which keeps the physical body and its many functions in their correct balance.

The Brow Chakra is the chakra related to our ‘second sight’ or our inner vision. The place of our extra sensory perception, where our inner senses correspond to the outer senses, which include Clairvoyance (inner sight), Clairaudience (inner hearing), Clairsentience (our inner sense of touch). Which all together are considered our 1 to 1 communication with spirit.

The Brow Chakra relates to a greater trust in our own sense of intuition and our inner knowing and is our road to wisdom, how we learn from our own life experiences and putting them all into perspective.

It houses our ability to be able to separate our reality from fantasy, being able to achieve the art of detachment beyond the ‘small mindedness’.

This Chakra vibrates with the language of light or higher consciousness and allows us to see the ‘bigger picture’ of our own lives.

The Brow chakra governs the : Brain, eyes, ears, nose, pituitary gland and the neurological system of the body.

Colour: Indigo

Location: Center of the forehead.

Represents: ‘The right to see’. Being able to trust ones intuition and insights. Developing ones psychic abilities and self realisation. Releasing hidden and repressed negative thoughts. Aids mind development and taking action of our own ideas.

Emotional issues:  You fear your truth.

You feel disconnected from your intuition.

You feel lost when it comes to your spiritual purpose and your path in life.

You have issues surrounding; discipline, judgement, evaluation, concept of reality and confusion.

Imbalances: Can show up in the form of; learning disabilities, co-ordination problems, sleep disorders. Thyroid imbalances, swollen glands, brain tumours, strokes, blindness, deafness, seizures, spinal dysfunctions, panic and depression.

Blockages: You are full of stress and anxiety.

You feel confused.

You feel empty and disconnected.

You are afraid of your own fears.

You are forgetful.

You feel that your inner and outer vision is blocked.

You don’t feel worthy or doubt yourself.

You are afraid of making the wrong choices.

When balanced: You are able to focus your thoughts.

You have a strong sense of your inner truth.

You listen to your intuition as it guides you.

You feel like you are reaching your highest potential.

You are moving forward in your life with purpose.

You take the possibilities and turn them into reality.

Balancing the Brow Chakra: Wearing blue, purple or white clothing, eating dark coloured foods. Reiki, Yoga, Dream journaling, Guided meditations, star gazing, Watching the sun rise/set. Attention to the 5 senses, psychic development.

Affirmations for the Brow Chakra:

I AM my spiritual truth.

I AM free of family beliefs that limit my truth.

I AM my highest truth.

I know my own voice.

I AM connected to my true path.

I AM true to myself.

I AM now hearing my inner voice.

I AM now connected to my inner vision.

I AM now moving forward with courage and trust.

I now have the power to direct my own destiny, now and always.

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