For thousands of years our ancestors, no matter our lineage, celebrated with ritualised storytelling that included singing and dancing. A dancer's movements brought the tale to life. The participation of the community in this heartfelt enactment helped to secure the bonds of the people and connected them to their spiritual and ancestral roots. When we celebrate anything in this way, it always touches a deep sense of love, gratitude and appreciation.




The sacredness of any celebration dependent upon the quality of spirit that is present. The quality of spirit is greater to the degree that you are fully present, with minimal inhibitions about expressing your joy and happiness through physical movement. Focus on what you want to celebrate. Put on some music and dance, whether slow or fast. Sing a song while you do so. Make up about what you most have to celebrate.

God's wish is for everyone to enjoy their time on earth, and part of that wish is to celebrate your capacity to be joyous and express it through your body. Whether in private, with a small group of friends, or a large group, let music, song and dance be a part of your sacred ceremony regardless of what you are celebrating. For truly any celebration is sacred.

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