(I used my Earth Magic Oracle cards for this reading today)


The quietness of the mountain leaves us in awe, yet inspires us to reach for greater heights. Though it can also pose challenges.

When the mountain feels threatened in anyway it will simply shrug its shoulders, and the strength shown will wreak havoc for all beings caught on its skin.


It doesn't make any sense to deny the strength that you have at the cost of allowing yourself to be reactive and subject to external influences far beyond that which is healthy for you.

Imagine yourself as a mountain of strength, solidly grounded in the Earth, your head held high as if you were touching the sky. Do so without straining, just as the mountain itself does.

The current situation calls for you to be vigilant, but not to the point of fear or paranoia. Be the rock of strength that you are capable of being. The solidness of your resolve will be clearly communicated when you model yourself after the towering immensity of a mountain, impenetrable and inscrutable. Standing steady like a rock is what is called for at this moment in time.