Everybody at some point in their life has experienced the feeling of stress, this can be different from person to person , as can the reasons why they are feeling this stress. The stress can be caused by various things that we are experiencing in our everyday life from –

  • Lack of finances.
  • Over worked / working to a deadline.
  • Relationship issues.
  • Being over or under weight.
  • Money.
  • Moving home.
  •  Being in physical pain.
  • Making changes.

The list is endless !!

So what is STRESS??

Stress is a creative force that makes us sit, stand, run, walk , speak, laugh cry, work, play, love and procreate. It is a force that attracts and repels.

Stress cannot be avoided, because it is the response of the body to any demand made of it.

It is necessary to maintain life, however what is important is HOW we deal with it. It can either be the very spice of life, or the kind which is unhealthy, unpleasant, continuous and excessive , which then becomes di-stress or dis– ease.

In today’s society dis-ease has a detrimental cost at every level, physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially.

The experience of stress is very much an individual issue, as it’s your own individual response which will determine whether you turn it into di-stress or a joy in living.stress

What is constructive to one person is destructive to another.

Constructive stress is the motivating force that moves you from where you are to where you want to be.

Destructive stress is an accumulation of being unable to respond and adapt appropriately.


Constructive stress is when YOU USE IT

Destructive stress is when IT USES YOU.

In today’s world there are so many increasing demands on us and these demands very rarely appear on their own, No sooner have you coped with one demand, then another will appear. And so the build up of stress and strain begins.

No matter what we are faced with whether it be physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual stress, our body responds in the same way. Any form of change in our lives is potentially stressful. It is how we adapt to that change, our life style, and personality, which can then transform a potential hazard into an opportunity for growth and understanding of our self and of others.

It is the state of being in constant red alert, that puts us at risk. When our stress levels become prolonged and regular, we then have little reserves to cope. It is then that it becomes a crisis , which often starts off being quite small will then become “the last straw”.

Often illness or accidents may be the only way of slowing us down, which can then give us the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and our body’s Will produce these if we continue to ignore the warning signs.

Next time we will be looking at how Stress effects our physical bodies.

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