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With Dawn Hall



Date; Saturday March 16th

Time; 10am—2pm

Place; Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church     (meditation room) 

Cost; £25


Do you feel out of balance within yourself and life?

Do you suffer with Anxiety and stress?

Do you wish you had more energy?

Do you give your energy away, leaving you feeling drained and tired after   being with certain people?

Do you have little or no understanding of how your own energy system affects your own health and well being?


Then come and join me for this informative and practical workshop, where you will be shown how :


  • Your energy centres (the Chakras) Affect the physical body.
  • How to cleanse and energise your own energy, leaving you feeling more refreshed and energised.
  • How to protect your energy from being drained by others.
  • How to channel the healing energy, so you can help to heal yourself.


To book your place call Dawn on ; 01626208657 / 07934908251