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throat chakra

The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is the first of the upper Chakra’s, pertaining to the spiritual body, and is said to be linked with the Thyroid gland.


This Chakra is associated with Creativity, self expression and the search for truth. It is involved with how a person communicates with themselves as well as others on all levels as well as the physical, hearing , speaking, listening and communication.

It is also connected to listening to one’s intuition and our ability to receive .

The Throat Chakra influences your experiences to ; speak your truth, listening and being heard, finding your own true voice and being able to express that truth.

The Throat Chakra is partnered with the Root Chakra so we are able to experience the feeling of being able to “Walk our Talk”.

The health of this chakra relates to how truthfully we express ourselves. All choices in life have consequences on an energetic level. So even choosing to repress our thoughts can manifest into an illness (sore throat). We learn to speak our choices with our voice, so the more honest and truthful we are, not only with ourselves but to others as well, will help to balance this chakra. Lying will only violate our body’s and spirit.

Colour: Blue (sky)

Location: Base of the Throat.

Represents: The right to speak, learning to express oneself and one’s beliefs. The ability to hear and to listen, to trust, organisation, planning and loyalty.

Emotional Issues: Being unfaithful with either yourself or with others. Feeling afraid to talk about things. Unable to express your ideas / or how you feel. Lack of will power, lying. Doubt , fear and uncertainty, feeling weak and timid, mood swings, out bursts of anger or being extremely quiet and refusing to talk.

Imbalances: Can manifest as , sore throats, swollen glands, fevers, flu, loss of voice, ear infections, or mouth ulcers. Skin irritations, neck and / or shoulder pain. If left these may lead to more serious issues such as;



Hearing problems

Thyroid problems – over or under active

Problems with the upper digestive system



you may find you get sore throats more often and feel like your throat is blocked and lumpy.

You go along with others so you don’t upset them.

Your afraid to say what you want and feel.

You are afraid of the truth.

You keep things to yourself.

You feel your opinions won’t be heard.

You are afraid of speaking the truth

You have trouble doing things you want to do.

When Balanced:

You are comfortable in speaking your truth.

You feel that you are heard for your truth.

You know others listen to you.

You feel safe to express your inner emotions.

You feel confident to vocalise your thoughts and feelings.

You are confident in saying the right thing in the right way

Balancing the Throat Chakra: Eating and drinking blue foods (blueberries, blackberries). Wearing the colour blue. Meditating, Reiki, Massage. Singing out loud, Reading out loud. Rolling your neck, letter writing, saying “OHM” 7 times. Practising the art of listening. Speaking and asking for help when in need.

Affirmations for the Throat Chakra:

I speak my truth and it is liberating.

I AM open, clear and honest in my communication.

I know when it is time to listen.

I listen to my body and my feelings to know what my truth is.

I communicate my feelings with ease.

I express my gratitude towards life.









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