anxiety is a thin

Date; Saturday 20th April

Time; 10am - 2pm

Place; Newton Abbot Spiritualist church


Cost; £25

Contact Dawn; 01626208657 / 07934908251

Is it possible to live life Anxiety FREE?

In today's world stress and anxiety are all too common.
It affects all areas of our lives, not just how we think and feel, but how we live day to day.

Did you know that our intrusive thoughts and worries are related to the anxieties we may be experiencing, which are created by the inability to process what has happened or happening in our lives.

So if you would like to learn how to be anxiety FREE, then join me on my workshop on April 20th where I will take you through;

* How Stress affects the systems of the body and how you can alleviate it.
* The 12 Habits of Anxiety and how to transform them.
* How to undo the  5 building blocks to Anxiety.
* Breaking through the Emotional Stress cycle.
* What the 3 steps to transformation are.
* The secret to flipping the fear by learning the core principles to the F.E.A.R mode.
* You will also be shown some coping strategies to help you manage your stress.

Most people who suffer don’t believe they can be free, but i am living proof that it is possible, by implementing these into my life.

When you have a better understanding of your anxieties and where they come from, you can then have a better understanding of how you can be helped. By finding that 'magic pill' that will guide you through the process, you will then begin to see the light at the end of that dark tunnel, to becoming Anxiety FREE.

‘The only Fear we have, is Fear itself’

Places are limited so be sure to book sooner rather than later.

Your first step is to taking that first difficult step and book your place , I look forward to you joining me on April 20th.